Holistic healing 

This type of healing addresses people as a whole. Each person's journey is unique, and according to their needs healing may encompass multiple perspectives (e.g. coaching, psychotherapy, meditation, etc.). The goal is to awaken us to our true nature, eradicate suffering, hatred and illusion from our lives, and unravel our natural state of peace, freedom, happiness and love. Here are some examples of people who seek healing:

  • People who are feeling a sense of unhappiness, as though something is something is missing or unwell
  • People who suffer from anxiety, depression, emotional distress, fatigue, trauma, addictions, and multiple forms of mental disorders
  • People who are looking to end suffering and work through egos (e.g. fear, anger, jealousy, pride, inadequacy, greed, hatred, lust, etc.)
  • People who need physical, energetic, emotional, mental and/or spiritual healing
  • People who are inspired to achieve their full potential and that of their relationships
  • People who want to experience unconditional love, kindness, freedom, happiness and peace
  • People who are looking to understand life and awaken consciousness, shifting to higher vibrations
  • People who seek answers to the big questions about life, people, science, meditation, the universe and everything 


About the initiator

Catia Batalha is a Yoga teacher, intern mind-body psychotherapist for Auckland Hospital, Reiki master, and eternal student and practitioner of Eastern and Western philosophies, sciences and traditions. She is passionate about bringing Yoga into mental health, and helping people live a happier, more peaceful and fulfilling life. More about her here.



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Note: The purpose of this website is neither to provide detailed information on any traditions nor to elaborate on any methods or techniques used, but rather to share an overview of some key elements.