Are you... 

Seeking answers to the big questions about life, people, science, the universe and everything?

Feeling a sense of unhappiness, or meaninglessness, as though something is missing?

Hoping to heal from anxiety, depression, emotional distress, fatigue, traumas, addictions, or mental disorders?

Looking to end suffering and work through egos (e.g. fear, anger, jealousy, pride, inadequacy, greed, hatred, lust, etc.)?

In need of physical, energetic, emotional, mental and/or spiritual healing?

Ready to make positive changes in your life, and step into your potential? 

Wanting to have better and more conscious relationships?

Aiming to experience - and embody - unconditional love, kindness, freedom, happiness and peace?

Wishing to understand life, awaken your consciousness, and shift to higher vibrations?

Then we are here for you. Each person's journey is unique, and according to their needs healing may encompass multiple perspectives (e.g. coaching, psychotherapy, meditation, etc.). Our goal is to support you in awakening to your true nature, eradicating suffering, hatred and illusion from your life, and unraveling your innate states of inner peace, freedom, love and joy.


Services we offer

We are currently offering four types of services:

  • Tailor-made Yoga practice - Have someone assess your psychological structure and prescribe you a daily Yoga asana practice that you can do in your own time, to restore physical/emotional/mental balance in the areas where you feel balanced/unbalanced.
  • Personal/spiritual development coaching - Have someone coach you into aligning your life with personal and spiritual values.
  • Psychotherapy - A talking therapy that you can attend on a weekly basis, to discover the root cause of your suffering and step into your potential.
  • Havening - A science-based technique to remove trauma.
  • Energy healing - Have an individual Reiki (energetic healing) session to align, purify, harmonise and uplift your energies.



Yoga philosophy: 15 secrets that will change your life - This is a book explaining how to apply some of the Yoga principles into daily life.



We offer the following courses around once a year:

We also offer various workshops throughout the year, if you'd like to be updated join our Facebook page below. And sometimes we publish videos on Youtube, feel free to subscribe as well:





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