Catia is a Yoga teacher, psychotherapist, Reiki practitioner, healer, amongst other things. Her practice is informed by Eastern philosophies/traditions as well as Western sciences/psychologies.

Catia Batalha 

Having gone through a meaningful personal journey of overcoming suffering and connecting with her inner Self and the Universe, Catia is now dedicated to healing others, and helping find inner peace, unconditional love, happiness and freedom.

While her core training was in Integral Yoga in Portugal, she has since moved to New Zealand, and explored other traditions such as Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shamanism, Gnosticism, Reiki and Mind-Body healing. 

In this process, Catia felt drawn to combine the incredibly valuable philosophies and traditions from the East, with the crucial scientific and psychological knowledge from the West. Her mission is to use the combined power of Eastern and Western wisdom to holistically help bring people to their full potential.


A bit about her history


From a very young age, Catia had the feeling that there had to be something more to life than being born, growing old and dying. There was an emptiness inside that could not be filled with any activity, occupation, hobby, or even person. Hence the pursuit of the meaning of life has been a common thread in her journey, and taken her through the darkest moments of anguish and despair, and the most exhilarating moments of passion and creativity.


As it happens, in her late 20's, life struck her with a great personal tragedy, which caused all her presumably well-formed belief systems to come crashing down, and lose everything she held dearest. During this time, Yoga appeared in her life. She was immediately drawn to its ancient teachings, almost feeling as though she had heard them all before, and all that her teacher was doing was reminding her of knowledge that had been long forgotten. Through Yoga and other Eastern philosophies, Catia was able to rebuild her life based on the foundations of peace, love, kindness, freedom, empathy, truthfulness, and a deep sense of connection with the Universe, other people, and herself as well. 


She spent the following years studying it all and putting it in practice. This was beyond amazing at times, and very tough at other times, but the inner and outer transformation that came with it was deeply rewarding. More and more meaning started to replace that emptiness that had been there until then, and a state of deep gratefulness and equanimity filled her life. She also studied and practiced other traditions and paths, such as Gnosis, Buddhism, amongst others - and she found that deep down they were all talking about the same things!


Catia's quest became making this deeply transforming knowledge available to other people, just like so many people have contributed to the knowledge that transformed her own life. After a few years of learning these holistic traditions, she felt that it was time to start giving back, hence started teaching. To maximise this approach, she felt drawn to combine Eastern philosophies with Western sciences and psychotherapies, and embarked in a journey of becoming a psychotherapist, to obtain knowledge of fields such as psychology, psychoanalysis, and psychotherapy. She has performed extensive research on how to bring Yoga concepts and philosophies into Mental Health.


Her latest creation was Alkimia Conscious Community. You can read more about it here.