We are physically located in Alkimia Conscious Community, Coromandel, New Zealand. Our initiator's name is Catia Batalha, and she is typically the one to offer all the services that described on this website. Sometimes she works in alliance with other people and institutions as appropriate, to offer new workshops, products and services.

Catia is passionate about love, consciousness and personal growth, and her mission is to support people in awakening to their inner potential. She is a healer, Yoga psychology/philosophy teacher and psychotherapist, and has spent a big part of her life integrating Eastern philosophies/spiritualities with Western sciences/psychologies. Catia also draws on teachings from various paths such as Buddhism, Shamanism, Gnosis, Reiki, amongst others, to help those who are seeking a more peaceful, loving, compassionate, joyful, harmonious and fulfilling life.

You can read more about Catia here.