Harmonious Anahata

The characteristics of this chakra, when it is balanced and harmonious, are the following: 

  • Love, kindness, caring, affection
  • Altruism, selflessness
  • Devotion
  • Harmonious, stable, balanced and elevated emotions.
  • Ability to love fully and immensely without attachment. The love in Anahata is unconditional and impersonal (unlike Swadhistana, which loves conditionally and personally)
  • To put emotional energy into things, and emanate a frequency that fulfils the hearts of people and overrides everything else.
  • Profound and harmonious communication with people, because there is the inner realisation that everything and everyone is interconnected.
  • Humbleness
  • Ability to surrender
  • Ability to give without attachments
  • Inspirer of hope in others
  • Emanate kindness from our whole being
  • Radiate warmth and sincerity
  • Non-judging attitude
  • Peacefulness
  • Deep reconciliation
  • Continuous happiness
  • Manifestation of a special healing magnetism
  • Harmony
  • Freedom from inhibitions and limitations


Yin unbalance

When this chakra in unbalanced on the Yin side, we can experience:

  • Sadness that is often without any reason, sometimes apparently being motivated by loneliness. Vulnerability of having hurt feelings.
  • Indecision regarding feelings and the incapacity to decide about their orientation
  • Emotional insecurity manifested toward the relationships with others
  • Emotional hypersensitivity that creates confusion about feelings
  • Continuous fear to lose love and to remain alone, leading to compromises. Tendency to give favours in order to get more love
  • Lack of confidence in friendship, feeling that friends are not giving enough in the relationship
  • Painful longing that is passive and leads to no actions at all
  • Hopelessness, feeling that no matter what is done the situation will still remain the same
  • Attachments to feelings, tendency to judge even objective situations only by the feelings they generate
  • Tendency towards incompetence that is generated by the continuous preoccupation regarding personal feelings. Being almost lost in the maze of feelings
  • Regretting situations or decisions that have a strong feeling attached to them
  • Exaggerated care for respecting other’s feelings, often pushed to the extreme of cancelling all reason or common sense


Yang unbalance

When this chakra in unbalanced on the Yang side, we can experience:

  • Egocentrism often leading to tendency to remain isolated and alone, giving the feeling of unworthiness. Incapacity of realising one’s own limitations and demanding more than possible.
  • Superficiality towards feelings and tendency to stick with the first impression
  • Tendency to dominate and manipulate others by their emotions performing emotional blackmail
  • Emotional selfishness that is generating superficial involvement in interactions. Coldness in interacting with others.
  • Indifference towards the love of others and their needs, centring only upon their way of loving. Incapacity to accept love from others
  • Arrogance in front of friends, tendency to impose the way the friendship should be
  • Unbearable longing that leads to desperate actions, often even being dangerous
  • Blindness in considering the real conditions, tendency to consider only our own feelings as the referential
  • Insensitivity to any feelings, tendency to act even ignoring our own feelings thus getting hurt
  • Tendency to create a personal view upon the activity, containing the feelings that are specific to the person
  • Insensitivity towards hurting other people’s feelings
  • Tendencies toward fraudulence due to the feeling of being free from all the bonds of the inferior chakra energies


Element and correspondence

Synchronized with the Air element.

Corresponds to the subtle energies of our galaxy.



Located in the centre of the chest, at the heart level.