We are creating a conscious community that is heart-centred and based on holistic principles (harmony between mind-body-spirit, and between internal & external nature). 

We aim to have community members who are mature on their spiritual path, already “walking the talk”, and intentionally aspiring to create a loving, kind, growthful and peaceful environment. 

Alkimia was created to be a home for people who are at a stage of their life where they have been embodying and sharing their sacred knowledge/dharma/traditions with the world for a while (whatever they may be, e.g. Buddhism, Shamanism, Yoga, Māori traditions, Gnosticism, or whatever else), and now want to take it to the next level and be immersed in an environment where others have the same focus, so that they can both teach and learn from them. And together we share that with external people through workshops and retreats.

A core element of our model is co-creation, where each member of the community takes full ownership and responsibility for themselves and the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual space we all live in. In other words, Alkimia is not “someone else’s” space, it is each community member’s (just as if they had bought part of the land – but with the advantage of not having to do so!), so there is not one person telling everyone what to do, we define our goals, rules and processes together, and offer our skills, talents and contributions to maintain and expand our community.

You can read all about it here.

We've set up a crowd funding page for this, so if this resonates with you feel free to contribute towards our dream here!