"People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges."

Non Violent Communication course

Feeling that you can't communicate with other people? Suffering from anger problems? Trying to remove violence from your life? In a relationship that could benefit from improving communication?

The Non-violent Communication teachings may be exactly what you need to change that. How often do we say the exact opposite of what we really want to say? Take this for example: "You are always watching TV instead of making an effort to help me do something", which is an accusation and we therefore get a defensive or aggressive reaction from the other person, when what we really want to say is "I miss you and wish we could spend more time together", which is a loving request and could be responded with love too? Learning to remove violence from our communication will allow us to be more sincere and actually improve our chances of getting what we are looking for. And the NVC techniques to do so are simple and yet extremely effective and can ultimately change the very basics of our communication. And build bridges instead of walls.



Course dates: Soon to be available as an online course.

Course duration: 8 sessions

Facilitator: Catia Batalha

Location: This is an online course. It will be available soon.

Enrolment: To express your interest in this course click here.