All throughout history we have heard of the "philosopher's stone" and the idea that some people had the ability to transform common metals into gold. These stories are a metaphor that represents the actual effect of alchemy on ourselves. Alchemy is the transmutation and sublimation of energy from its very dense physical form into the more subtle forms of our being. We have unlimited access to the most powerful form of energy that exists, the same energy that created the Universe and everything in it, but we often don't know how to transform it and direct it to the higher aspects of ourselves. If we are able to understand and control that energy, we can choose to use it for specific purposes, such as accelerating our personal and spiritual development.


Some traditions negate the sexual energy, and repress it to a point where we almost lose consciousness of it, whereas others such as Tantra make use of the sexual energy by transmuting and sublimating it into an elevated and sublime energy that can transform our lives from within.