What is present in us is everywhere else in the Universe, and what is not present in us can’t be found anywhere else in the Universe.

Everything is vibrational. Not only the physical world is made of vibration, but everything exists as its own vibration. Unconditional Love, Energy, Kindness, Will, they are all vibrations. And our bodies should function like a radio and allow us to sync into the vibrations that the Universe is emitting. However, they are usually limited, asleep or overall numb, so can’t feel most of the vibrations. That is why it is of the upmost importance that we Awaken. We should be able to connect to all the beautiful frequencies that are actually everywhere. 

The chakras are the antennas that allow us to synchronize with those frequencies. If we learn how to develop and purify the chakras we will - much like a radio - be able to tune into the frequencies that are all around us, such as Unconditional Love. If on the other hand we are not aware of the frequencies that surround us, we are controlled by them. Angry people will pull us to their frequency of anger, panicking people will pull us to their world of fear, and so forth. May we be autonomous in deciding which frequency we wish to be in, and connect to it. May Consciousness dictate our energetic state, and not the opposite.