Gnosis is defined as "knowledge" and it refers to a knowledge gained through direct personal experience of what is real, of what is true. This is a spiritual experience of the consciousness and it is this experience that has formed the basis of all mystical schools throughout history.

The legends of the gods and goddesses, the struggles of the mythical hero and the creation of worlds have been detailed by mystics throughout time. The teachings of love and compassion, the wisdom of nature and knowledge of the human condition have been revealed through the Gnosis. 

The Gnosis, direct knowledge, is what frees us from the cause of our sufferings: ignorance. 


The work of one who undertakes this path, is summarised in the “3 Factors for the Revolution of the Consciousness”, which are:

1) To die- elimination of the undesirable psychic aggregates, the ego or the ‘I’ through comprehension of our defects.       

2) To be born- to conserve our energies, to crystalise the virtues of the soul, of the Being.    

3) To sacrifice for humanity- charity, well understood. This is to give of ourself to help humanity.


The work that is referred to above is a work of the consciousness itself. It is explained in the Gnostic teachings that the consciousness is asleep and dreams profoundly. This sleeping consciousness is the cause of our errors, and our pain. To awaken from this sleep requires that we comprehend our own habits, our thoughts, and our emotional impulses via the sense of self observation and self remembering.

However, comprehension of a defect is not all. Later, we need to progress to its elimination in order for the consciousness to be free and for the corresponding virtue to crystalise. This is the path of birth and death- the fabrication of the Soul and the realisation of the Spirit which proceeds in accordance with each person’s particular nature and circumstances. 

The third factor allows a person to live the path of compassion, to help humanity and in doing so we begin to realise our own humanity and live our life as a soul.


- by Gnosis New Zealand