As far as energy healing goes, Reiki has become a worldwide known system of natural healing, which involving the laying-on of hands, and it works with Ki/Chi, or life-force energy.  


All peoples on earth throughout history have known about the invisible force that seems to keep things alive and going.  It was understood that some kind of energy was flowing around, through, and within all living things. The Indians called it Prana, the Chinese called it Chi, the Japanese called it Ki, the Hawaiians called it Huna, etc.  And this energy was studied rather thoroughly by shamans, medicine men/women, yoga masters and other energy practitioners, and most of the esoteric sects of religions.  Reiki is one of such energy works. 

Mikao Usui, a Japanese man, after studying many disciplines such as Buddhism and various Japanese and Chinese shamanic religions, put together an energy healing system in the early 1920’s. Reiki is an extremely safe modality that does absolutely no harm.  Other natural therapies claim to have similar effects as Reiki, and they are right in that they all have the energetic principle which aim at stimulating the body’s energy so it will flow smoothly again, removing the blockages, and hence promoting healing.  But while other therapies tend to require detailed knowledge of anatomy and physiology, precise techniques and awareness of contra-indications (certain conditions they can’t treat because they might have adverse effects), Reiki requires none of these

It is very intriguing how a practice like this which was originally highly esoteric became available and accessible in the time we live in.  Our time must be requiring an emergence of such art for the healing and progress of humankind.

Reiki is about allowing the purest healing energies of the universe into the different bodies of the patient, and letting it do whatever it needs to do. Reiki has been associated with curing a number of different physical, psychological and mental diseases. But nothing like your own experience to know what it would do for you, so contact us if you’re keen to give it a go.