Our mind is typically active all throughout the day. We live a situation once, and then tend to relive it in our mind over and over again, creating different scenarios, imagining how good or bad it was, in which ways it could have been different, how it relates to other stories in our lives, etc.. Usually all the mind knows how to do is to remember the past and imagine the future based on the patterns of the past. In other words, it keeps reliving what it already knows. And over the years, it starts to identify with those thoughts, with the sense of I (I am, I do, I think) and creating a sphere of tendencies, desires, patterns and impressions that reinforce that sense of I. It creates its own world and slowly starts forgetting the reality of Oneness where it came from. At some point it has completely forgotten that the sense of I was its own creation and assumes it to be the only unquestionable reality. And quite often the only remembrance we have left is a subtle sadness very deep inside of us, even when all is going well, that longs for something more but doesn't know what or why.


Our Essence is where the true knowledge resides. And it sometimes tries to hint us, but with our mind constantly busy there is no space to listen to it. When the mind is quiet, that gives the Essence the opportunity to shine forth. And meditation is the act of giving ourselves the space and time for the mind to quieten down and the conscience to manifest.

It may be that in the first times we are only able to calm the mind for one second between the thoughts, but that is in itself a great victory, and brings great power because it is a conscious effort to reach our Essence. And as the mind recognizes this, it can start to put its full effort in not losing control, because it feels that her functioning is what establishes our identity, and therefore if that it stops functioning it means that it is going to die, which can bring about terrible fear. But in those moments of silence, our Essence is filling us with great force, so that we can continue our journey. And we will soon see that we are not alone. The Universe will also conspire to make it happen, because it recognizes that one more human being is starting to return Home.

So the next times we meditate, we are more familiar with that state and it becomes easier to get there. Like driving to a place that we are more and more familiar with.


The mind is a powerful tool, and if our consciousness is commanding it instead of our auto-pilot or our ego, we will begin to experience beautiful changes in our lives.