Tantra aims to expand our consciousness and merge with the Absolute. It is a profound experiential knowledge about every aspect in life. It is about understanding our true nature and balancing the physical, emotional and mental aspects of our life, elevating consciousness and opening a pathway to the absolute truths of the Universe. Tantra involves the development of the intuition, removing the veils of illusion and moving towards liberation and emotional freedom, by becoming aware of the factors that influence us, and letting the consciousness choose how we feel, think and act, and what kind of energy we can bring into the world.


It is said that Tantra was born in India on the 5th century AD. The Tantric tradition includes all levels of the Universe, and incorporates knowledge that was brought by astronomy, biology, parapsychology, anatomy, meditation, medicine, music, philosophy, art, sexuality, psychology, religion, science, quantum physics, yoga and traditions such as Hindu, Buddhist and Jain.


Through Tantra we can use both the forces that exist in the Universe and inside ourselves for our inner transformation, so that we can return to the state of wholeness that we came from. It is common to feel that something is missing in our lives, or that even though nothing is missing we still feel unhappy or incomplete. That can happen because we have dived into the deepness of duality, and moved away from our true Self. Tantra can help us find the way back, and become aware of the oneness of all things.


As far as practices go, Tantra uses physical postures (asanas), breathing techniques, purification exercises, mental practices, visualisations, mantras, mudras, mandalas, yantras, principles such as the yamas and niyamas, and powerful meditations, designed to reach the subconscious and unconscious aspects of ourselves. One of the problems of regular psychology is exactly that it is only “talking” to our conscious mind, and therefore it is sometimes only addressing the tip of the iceberg.


In Tantra, every event of our lives is seen as a tool for our spiritual evolution. So the goal is to take the specific circumstances of our daily routine to go deeper and deeper into the study of the self, and not so much to go to a mount and meditate for decades. It is also about embracing every aspect of life and using it for a higher purpose, rather than negating some parts of our life. Some traditions negate the sexual energy, and repress it to a point where we almost loose consciousness of it, whereas Tantra makes use of the sexual energy by transmuting and sublimating it into an elevated and sublime energy that can transform our lives from within. So it’s really about making the most out of the internal and external factors and using them to benefit the world.



It is a magic and beautiful journey that leads us to profound unconditional love and immense happiness.