The antidotes to anxiety, depression, trauma, purposelessness, disconnection, dissatisfaction, etc. are already within us... We just need some help on how to access them, awaken our innate qualities, and reach our potential.
The Light Programme course

Wisdom talks and shared discussion regarding Yoga philosophy/psychology topics applied to daily life - 1 night/week.

Sharing tools and raising consciousness, through the exploration of ancient teachings and techniques from a number of different sources (e.g. Meditation, Gnosis, Yoga, Buddhism, Psychotherapy, healing therapies, science, esoteric schools).

Some of the themes we cover in these sessions: Love, compassion, attachment, observation, consciousness, the universe, the connection between everything, mindfulness, oneness, death, life, sacrifice, introspection, connection, relationships, energy, meditation, peace, alchemy, psychotherapy, pranayama, yoga, relaxation, happiness, chakras, koshas, locus of control, self-esteem, social anxiety, knowledge, subconscious, esoteric teachings, personal development, freedom, truth, trust, transcendence of the ego, duality.

Feel free to ask us for a more detailed program!



Course dates: 20/Nov/2018 (One night/week 7PM - 9PM) - $10-$20/week (unwaged/waged)

Course location: Highbury House, Birkenhead, Auckland North Shore

If you'd like to join, please contact us, or mark yourself as 'Going' on Facebook or Meetup.