"Nothing changes until we have changed. Everything changes once we've changed."
The Light Programme course

This is the Light Programme basic course, which takes place one night/week for 5 months.

The goal of the programme is to offer the tools for each person to find happiness, freedom and peace in their lives. To raise the consciousness by passing on ancient teachings and techniques from a number of different sources (e.g. Meditation, Gnosis, Yoga, Buddhism, Psychotherapy, healing therapies, science, esoteric schools).

Some of the themes we cover in this course: Love, compassion, attachment, observation, consciousness, the universe, the connection between everything, mindfulness, oneness, death, life, sacrifice, introspection, connection, relationships, energy, meditation, peace, alchemy, psychotherapy, pranayama, yoga, relaxation, happiness, chakras, koshas, locus of control, self-esteem, social anxiety, knowledge, subconscious, esoteric teachings, personal development, freedom, truth, trust, dissolution of the ego, duality. Feel free to ask us for a more detailed program!



Course dates: No dates for the next course at this time (One night/week 7PM - 9.30PM)

Course location: Albany or Glenfield, Auckland North Shore

If you'd like to join, please contact us.