"Yoga is the science of uniting the body, the mind and the soul"
Yoga course

SOLD OUT (there is a waiting list though, as some people may choose to drop out in the first couple of weeks)



This course is comprised of the following elements:

60% wisdom talks: Yoga is a complete system of knowledge which leads to the understanding of life, oneself and the universe. Ancient Yoga philosophy/psychology teachings will be shared, that enable the awakening of the consciousness, balancing of the body, energy levels, emotions and mind, and alignment with a higher universal reality.

20% study and practice of Yoga postures: The human body is comprised of an underlying energetic distribution network made up of meridians, energy channels and thousands of energy points (chakras). When certain postures are being performed, a specific energetic alignment occurs, and the energetic structure of the body starts to shift. As a result, one's vibration is raised, supporting key emotional and mental shifts, as well as attunement with higher states of consciousness.

20% sharing and connection: An opportunity to share the deep inner transformation that participants go through, as the identification with the lower vibrations of the ego lessens and more frequent states of unconditional love, joy and peace start to occur.

Note: This course is not exclusively for people with trauma or Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. There is extensive scientific research about the positive impacts Yoga has on depression, stress, anxiety, emotion regulation, mental well-being, addictions, mindfulness, concentration, as well as various mental health conditions. Anyone keen to move towards a more balanced, peaceful, loving, and joyful life is welcome.


Date: Starts on the 27th of Feb 2018 (weekly on Tuesday nights, 7PM-9.30PM).

Duration: All of 2018.

Location: Highbury House, Birkenhead.

Max. number of participants: 20.


Facilitator: Catia is a Yoga teacher, holistic health practitioner and also Mind-body intern psychotherapist at Auckland Hospital. Yoga came into Catia's life in her late 20's, when life had struck her with a great personal tragedy that had caused all her well-formed belief systems to come crashing down. She was immediately drawn to its ancient teachings, almost feeling as though she had heard them all before, and all that her teacher was doing was reminding her of knowledge that had been long forgotten. Catia was able to rebuild her life based on the foundations of peace, love, kindness, freedom, empathy, truthfulness, and a deep sense of connection with the Universe, other people, and herself as well. She has since deepened her Yoga practice and expanded into areas such as Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Buddhism, Hinduism, Gnosis, Reiki and Mind-Body healing. Catia's passion is to combine the wisdom of Eastern philosophies with the science of Western psychologies, to heal people and help them reach their full potential.

Questions: If you have any questions about this course, please contact us.

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PTSD Help NZ: This course is being offered in alliance with PTSD Help NZ, an institution made up of people that have been diagnosed with PTSD or have experienced a form of trauma and want to ensure that anyone suffering from this condition is able to benefit from resources and regular support.