We have all had the experience of looking back in our lives into an event that felt sad or disconcerting, and realising that it was exactly what we needed for our growth. Clearly the world is much more complex and multifaceted than we can even conceive of let alone understand, so it becomes quite evident that there is an intelligence larger than our own guiding our universe and holding it together. This Niyama involves becoming aware of that higher intelligence, having deep esteem and admiration for it, and seeking to connect with it.

In this state we develop a state of trust in that superior reality which allows us to gain perspective over what is really important. We detach from worldly matters and allow our body, mind and consciousness to be fully placed in the hands of that superior cosmic will, making ourselves available to be a vehicle for it at all times.

We open ourselves to surrendering our ego and personal will to this intelligence so that we can understand our purpose, reach our true potential and fulfill the destiny of mankind. We perceive the universe from a global dimension, and our vibration shifts to cosmic frequencies rather than our own personal resonances.