Have you ever seen one of those TV Shows where a magician bounces a medallion in front of a member of the audience, and he suddenly starts acting like a chicken? Well, hypnosis is... certainly not that.


It is said that our mind has two sections: a conscious one, which is a mere 10% of the mind, and is responsible for our skills, knowledge, thoughts, perceptions and conscious processes. The other 90% relate to our unconscious mind, which is where our emotions are generated, memories, beliefs, motives, roles, values, habits, traditions, our own self image, amongst other unconscious processes. This explains why we often fail to change habits and beliefs: we are only dealing with 10% of the problem.

Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation, in which a door is opened that allows us to access the subconscious part of our mind. From there, we can look at what is really inside of us, understand layers that we usually don't have access to from our conscious mind, uncover situations that we have blocked from our mind, and use our current conscience to relive situations in a different way, in an effort to overcome them.

The hypnotised person is not asleep at all, actually it is quite the opposite, people under hypnosis are said to have heightened focus as well as the ability to concentrate intensely on a specific thought or memory, while blocking out sources of distraction. It is very frequent to remember past events that one has not thought of in years. But the subconscious is extremely intelligent and powerful, and knows exactly what it needs to show the person in order to understand or overcome specific situations that she is going through. And so while in hypnosis, the subconscious gets a chance to lead the person to that knowledge, using a symbolic language that the person will understand.