It starts off as a feeling… As if you were made for something more than studying, having a job, buying a house, raising a family and dying. 

From time to time, the mind starts to wonder… Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going? Why are we here?

Then, an emptiness is present in the background of your life, which no matter how many things you fill it up with never disappears. 

It can be felt in many different ways… Could be loneliness in the middle of a crowd, could be the feeling of not really belonging, could be a discomfort we can’t even explain to ourselves… We don’t know what it’s about, so we fill up our days with more and more things, so that it doesn’t bother us as much. Still, it doesn’t disappear. It’s the feeling of missing something that we can’t even remember exists. We don’t even know what to look for, we just know that it’s missing. We want it back but how can we reach it if we don’t even know what it is?

Suddenly our days are filled with all sorts of things, and still we can tell that something really important is being forgotten. Like when you forget your wallet at home, feels like something is missing but you can’t really tell what it is, then when you are about to pay for your morning coffee it hits you. What if it wasn’t your wallet you were forgetting…? What if it was something that was buried so deep inside you that you couldn’t ever remember what it was that you were missing? And what if the fact that you were missing it had a major impact in your life (as having forgotten a wallet would have a major impact in paying for coffee), but you just didn’t know to what extent because you’re not familiar with what it’s like to have it in the first place?

Many of us are going through our lives in a mechanical way, almost as if we were living in auto pilot, and we are not even aware of it. A few times, in quiet times or when a huge crisis situation impacts our life, our inner Self gives us hints of our true nature. It wants to wake up. Wants to awaken us. Wants to shine light into your life. And with it, propagate light into the whole world.