It is said that the average human being holds 3% Consciousness. The other 97% are dominated by our Ego.

That means that most of our existence is not free, but rather conditioned by our psychology, the society we live in, the way we grew up, and all sorts of other factors.

It also means that the reality that we see and experience is very far away from the reality of our inner Self which is based on the supreme values. And because there is such a distance between both realities, that causes discomfort, unhappiness and suffering. And because the nature of our ego is to compensate for the reality of our inner Self not being present, it starts to get us to fill our lives with many external things, to keep the mind occupied and offer it relative happiness. But that happiness was not founded on the Essence but on the circumstances that surrounded us (e.g. watching a TV series, eating at a fancy restaurant), so as soon as the circumstances are finished we look to repeat or replace them. And we can live our whole lives doing that, and still get to the end of it without having found lasting happiness, because we have always looked for it outside, rather than inside ourselves.

With time and effort, we can start to center ourselves in Consciousness, and notice how our actions slowly cease to be ruled by the ego.

According to the Gnostic teachings, this happens in 3 phases:

  1. Our actions are run by ego. Our Consciousness isn't even active enough to be aware of it.
  2. Our actions are still run by our ego. But we are aware of it.
  3. Our Consciousness determines our actions, and the ego has no place any more.


When the Conscience becomes free, we start the process of Awakening.