The goal of this service is to create a Yoga practice that will help you balance your chakras, and consequently your psychological structure.

Hindu philosophies and Eastern systems (e.g. acupuncture) posit that chakras impact our physical, emotional and mental layers. The process by which that happens is that each chakra is responsible for the health and balance of certain physical organs, nerve plexus and endocrine glands. This influences one’s electromagnetic functions, hormonal functions, nervous system and biochemistry. Thus, changes in these functions impact one’s emotional states. Consequently, these emotional states influence one’s mind, access to intuition, and spiritual availability. Hence, chakras touch all the levels of our existence. This process means that when one performs a specific Yoga posture, it has a holistic impact over body, emotions, mind and spirit.

If you are experiencing disruptive emotions and mental states, it is likely that some of your chakras are unbalanced. Through the creation of a Yoga practice that is tailor-made for your specific unbalances, you can start bringing the different aspects of your being back into their natural state of harmony.


This service consists of three one-on-one sessions:

  • 1st session (50m): The person is asked a wide range of questions, to establish a diagnosis of physical/emotional/mental unbalances
  • 2nd session (75m): A Yoga asana practice will be prescribed to the person, and the recommended postures will be taught
  • 3rd session (25m): Check up on the effects of the practice and possible recommendations/adjustments