"If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration" - Nikola Tesla


Everything in the Universe is vibrational. We are able to perceive some of the vibrations, typically the denser ones, but not others. Take radio frequencies for example, we know that they are all around us, but we can't see, hear or feel them. But as soon as we turn on a radio, it translates these frequencies into vibrations that the human ears can recognise, and we can therefore hear them. As for the more subtle frequencies, such as unconditional love, compassion, and others, they are all around us as well, we just need the right "devices" to tune into them. Those devices are the chakras. 


Each chakra is a channel that allows us to tune into a particular vibration. The body has thousands of chakras or energy points, and that's what medical traditions such as acupuncture base their treatments on. The chakras that are most active in us can actually determine the way we see the world. Very frequently we are not really seeing reality as it is, we are seeing it through the glasses of our chakras, which if unbalanced can cause a lot of suffering for ourselves and everyone else around us. But if they are balanced, they can be very useful to ourselves and to the world. Take the third chakra for example, Manipura, if it is balanced you can experience strong determination, courage, powerful inspirational presence, self confidence, humour and discipline. If unbalanced from a yang perspective, we may show anger, aggressiveness, pride, arrogance, stubbornness, manipulation and selfishness for example. And if unbalanced from a yin perspective, we may experience shyness, passivity, the sense of not fitting in, lack of self control, anxiety, week self confidence, incapacity to finish things, lack of determination, amongst others. So by constant purification and tuning of Manipura chakra we can connect with its subtle frequencies and have its higher attributes start to manifest in our lives.


Tantra teachings show profound knowledge of the chakras, and recommend a deep study and understanding of at least the main 7 chakras:


  • Muladhara chakra: Source of strength and vitality. Synchronized with the Earth element. Coordinates all the mechanic actions if the Universe (e.g. gravity). Ancient Yogic texts say the Kundalini resides in this point. Located in the perineum area (between the anus and the genitals).


  • Swadhistana chakra: Sexual energy, creativity, sensitivity, social interactions, instincts (hunger, thirst, sleep). Synchronized with the Water element. Corresponds to the lunar and magnetic forces. Located three fingers above the genitals.


  • Manipura chakra: Determination, ambition, ego, powerful will, dynamism, expansion. Synchronized with the Fire element. Corresponds to the solar influence and electricity. Located two fingers below the navel.


  • Anahata chakra: Love, kindness, affectionaltruism, elevated feelings. Synchronized with the Air element. Corresponds to the subtle energies of our galaxy. Located in the centre of the chest, at the heart level.


  • Vishuddha chakra Intuition, spiritual connection, quick and profound intelligence. Synchronized with the Ether element. Corresponds to the basic energy of the Universe. Space and time are also created at this level. Located in the throat pit.


  • Ajna chakra: Profound introspection, psychic powers (telepathy, hypnosis, clairvoyance), it is our general command centre. Corresponds to the Universal Mind, to the macrocosms. Located in the centre of the forehead.


  • Sahasrara chakra: Absolute wisdom. It's not so much a chakra but an autonomous centre which synthesises all the others. Corresponds to the Absolute. It is located just above the head, over the physical body.