Tapas relates to having a regular and persistent practice towards a goal of spiritual nature. 

Typically this is applied to our own practice, let’s say we commit to an hour of a specific practice per day, in order to achieve a specific goal. With Tapas we direct our full focus and energy towards hat commitment, which generates great strength that goes into achieving that goal.

Tapas works to break the barriers of the mind and our mental tendencies. Quite often when we decide to put some effort into our development, our mind starts coming up with all sorts of resistances and excuses, and we end up spending time in superfluous or trivial matters instead of doing the practices that we intended. With Tapas, we make a strong and incontestable decision to do a specific thing – and then do it, regardless of anything that the mind throws at us. This decision is done at a very profound level inside of us, and it carries great strength, to give us the discipline for the practice and to achieve the end goal.

Sometimes, if we feel that our will power is not strong enough, we can use our imagination to create mechanisms to maintain our enthusiasm, or get together with people who have established a practice for themselves, or attend inspiring spiritual events that will give us light and motivation to continue.

This Niyama is directly connected with our central fire, so it relates to a burning enthusiasm and indestructible conviction that lead to inner transformation.