Harmonious Vishuddha

The characteristics of this chakra, when it is balanced and harmonious, are the following: 

  • Strong intuition
  • Harmonious integration
  • Highest ideals
  • Seek for the eternal knowledge
  • Transcendence
  • Common sense
  • Mysteries
  • Blissful happiness
  • Work as a receptor and distributor of divine grace
  • Clear and melodious communication
  • Intuition, spiritual connection, quick and profound intelligence
  • Pure, deep and expansive energy
  • Transcendental and cosmically based thought
  • Space and time are also created at this level


Yin unbalance

When this chakra in unbalanced on the Yin side, we can experience:

  • Rejection of anything without reason, tending to close ourselves in an “ivory tower”
  • Impossibility to make ourselves understood or to clearly express emotions or ideas. The feelings are manifested by passing through a layer of self-judgement
  • Poor communication between mind and body, giving the impression of a lack of synchronisation
  • Inexpressiveness, tendency to not express anything from inside but to specifically talk about the external thoughts
  • Chaotic access to memories that are mixing with each other in unexpected ways, sometimes forming a cluster of illusionary events
  • Verbal vampirism – sucking energy from the ones with whom we are talking with, by asking many meaningless questions
  • A feeling of bitterness for all that is not perfect in the world. Tendency to retire in a defensive attitude that is pushing away the heavy burden from the shoulders
  • State of metaphysical concern that is manifested as a sadness and tendencies of denying life
  • Despite having access to deep knowledge, a fear of expressing it for not being judged by the others or to create tensions between the accepted ideas and the life of others
  • Feeling of a lump in the throat when wanting to express deep feelings and thoughts. Lack of trust in our intuition
  • The lower energies tend to become more important and higher intuitions are hindered by them


Yang unbalance

When this chakra in unbalanced on the Yang side, we can experience:

  • Involvement in all activities without discernment, only on the base of knowing what is happening
  • Chaotic expression of emotions and feelings in meaningless actions that are not integrated with the rest of life
  • Increased attention of the body’s needs, to the extent that everything is related and revolves around this
  • Disharmonious charisma that tends to overpower the willpower of others and influence it with the power of words
  • Tendency to manipulate the memories in order to fit with the present expectations. This tendency is at the same time related to an increased inclination towards self-deceit
  • Tendency to verbally dominate others and to talk very much in order to hide the feeling of guilt from not being profound
  • Feeling of bitterness for all that is not perfect, inwardly generating intense dissatisfaction
  • State of spiritual saturation. The intuitions are repeatedly ignored to an extent they become insignificant
  • The spiritual knowledge is expressed without discernment, even in situations where people are not ready to hear it. Expressing an intuition is made just for the sake of the knowledge and not manifesting
  • The intuitions are oriented toward insignificant areas of life, leaving some essential areas uncovered by it. Superficial use of intuitions
  • All the higher inspirations are covered by a superficial and trivial talk about exterior aspects that have little importance for the individuals


Element and correspondence

Synchronized with the Ether element.

Corresponds to the basic energy of the Universe.



Located in the throat pit.