In the beginning there was Logos. Before anything else came into existence, it already existed in potential, as pure knowledge, as creative Light. This Light is the essence of everything and it refers to a broader multi-dimensional knowledge that and can only be experienced rather than described, and does not refer to thinking or logical reasoning. For Aristotle, the most important means of persuasion was Logos. For Plato, it was the only legitimate one. Many man have touched this knowledge throughout History and shared their Light with the world. But this Light belongs to no man and to everyone at the same time, so it is up to each of us to find it within ourselves and share it with the world as well.



So everything began in potential. As a white canvas that contains everything in potential, and only when the first draft start to get drawn does it start to gain form and get limited to what it can and can’t become.

And then there was Creation. 


The Universe expanded to the point of full duality, and is now beginning to retract back to Unity.