Ask the people around you why they are doing whatever their main occupation is, and see how many of them can give you a straight answer. You will notice that many of them are simply rowing mechanically in the stream of life, and haven’t really stopped to think where they are heading. It’s interesting to take people out of their boxes, because every time they look inside themselves a little bit of the inner inspiration gains force, and that could be the push they need to start asking questions and unravelling the soul.  Of those who have answered you, notice how many have described physical goals: buy a house, a car, provision for older years. Notice how many plan to fall in love or transcend the mind or help those in need. It’s not about having a strategy for it, but the fact that it’s a conscious goal already sets a mind-set that allows for it to happen.

When you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it

- Paulo Coelho

And it’s usually not even about having the right answers… The key is to ask the right questions! While many people are focused on what they want to do, it can be that the most relevant question is actually where to go. And there is no easy answer for that, because even though we came from there we have no memory of what it’s like, it’s certainly not a physical place where you can just step into, but actually a state of being… And we can’t really understand what it feels like unless we are already experiencing it. Seems like a lose-lose situation, but it really isn’t. There are many factors involved. And it’s a beautiful journey to go through – the most beautiful journey of all, which begins and ends in you.

Be prepared to change everything, or nothing at all.

It’s not something we can roll back. Changes will happen, within yourself, and the fundamentals by which you have lived for up until then may turn out to be no longer valid. New ones may come along that will blow you away, or some of them can become so obvious that you wonder how you’ve never seen them before, and yet they were always there.

When you were little, you may have believed in Santa Claus. And you knew it was a reality, supported by all sorts of facts, backed up by everyone around you, and you strongly and deeply believed that it was true. And the day you found out that actually it was your parents who put presents under the tree and the old man with beard didn’t exist, you knew a completely different reality, and you believed it even more intensely, and you would never go back to the old reality. The same happens when you start to Awaken. You start experiencing fragments of a reality that feels much closer to your soul and then the old ones may suddenly stop making sense. And your inner Being starts growing. Your instinct grows, you feel more connected, you find purpose, and the emptiness inside you starts to shrink more and more. The soul gains space. New facets of life will start being revealed along the way. You may find yourself losing interest for things you have always enjoyed doing and feeling the urge to try others that didn’t mean anything to you until then. It’s not that you will get a different perspective of reality, it’s reality itself that is built in a different way than you perceived. 

It will be hard. It will be challenging. It will be beautiful. It will be worth it.