Ask the closest people to you: “Who are you”?

It’s likely that most of them will quote their name. But I think we can all agree that a name can’t define who we are. They may then answer “I am a systems engineer at a given company”. But certainly that doesn’t define them either. They will get confused and unsure about what you mean. They may mention how they look, where they live, who they relate to, what they do. But that is still not who they are. They don’t understand you, it gets upsetting. They start to look inside… Who am I…? What defines them as a person? They may describe how they act. “I’m kind to other people, hard working, dedicated”.

… they will describe their personality “intelligent, focused”

… how they feel “happy, anxious”


But our name, our occupation, how we look, where we live, who we relate to, what we do, how we act, our personality and how we feel are not who we are. 

So what is?

The answer to that is to be experienced, rather than described. So close your eyes for a moment and try to feel it. And if at first you don’t succeed, try try again. The problem is not if you don’t succeed - it’s if you don’t try.

As your soul gains space over unconsciousness and step out of the autopilot living, you will feel it more and more. That is who you really are.