All elements in nature have a purpose, if something has no purpose it ceases to exist (in that form, time and place). Each human being has a purpose as well, as does each society, each country, each planet.

We can go through all of our lives without the consciousness of what our purpose is, in fact that can be quite common. But if we start to understand what that purpose is, what our essence longs for, we can find deep happiness and fulfilment while acting in life.

It's possible to spend all our lives rowing against the tide, because of trying to meet other people's expectations, trying to act according to the social rules of a society, or a job, a family, whatever it may be. And in the end, after spending so much effort in that direction (and even achieving what we were after) we still feel empty and unfulfilled.


If we listen to ourselves, we intuitively know what we are looking for. And when we find it, it will give us the greatest sense of accomplishment and realisation... because we are walking towards the reason of our existence, and not otherwise.

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