15 secrets that will change your life: Yoga Philosophy

Many people know Yoga by its most popular element, Asana (Yoga postures). All around the world, we can find Yoga classes that explore this aspect. Yet Yoga has so much more to offer, it is a complete, all-encompassing system, involving all aspects and dimensions of our life. Yoga teachings are designed to raise our consciousness in all levels of our being: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual. It has the potential to completely transform our thoughts, feelings and actions so that we can live a life of happiness, freedom and inner peace. 

Yoga is founded on awareness, living fully and meaningfully and connecting with our true nature and that of the universe. It leads us through the process of unveiling the deepest truths about human beings, life and the Universe; allows us to merge with the superior aspects of the Universe and realise that they are not separate from us; removes the veil of illusion that causes our suffering; and raises our consciousness.

This book explores 15 Yogi concepts applied to our daily lives, intended for each of us to start unleashing our true potential and allowing our inner light shine forth.

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 Yoga Philosophy book